Soap dispenser Platinet PHS330 sensor , 39312

29.88 lv. With Vat
24.90 lv. Without Vat

Soap dispenser Platinet PHS330 touch.

With the automatic touch soap dispenser, you can have soap on hand within 0.25 seconds with no drips or residue.
The perfect soap dispenser in the kitchen or bathroom - free of any germs and bacteria.

All you have to do is place your hand in front of the sensor and the liquid will pump automatically.

The sensor soap dispenser is easy to install and very functional.
Simply open the bottom stand and the battery compartment will open.
Suitable for all types of regular soap, dishwashing, hand wash or hand lotion.
The automatic sensor soap dispenser is made of a fully eco-friendly motor and ABS material, which is non-toxic.
You can use it safely as it will not harm your body.

Product specification:
Size: 129 x 82 x 198 mm
Material: Fully environmentally friendly motor and ABS plastic
Weight: about 235g
Power: 4 x AAA batteries (included)
Capacity: 330 ml

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