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A cash book or "Book of daily financial statements for the calendar year" is a financial journal. It records income and expenses, including bank deposits and withdrawals. All PKO orders are recorded in the left column of the ledger, while cashier payments are noted on the right side.
The difference between the amounts of the balances in the right and left columns indicates the availability of money. It is used by many traders who fill it daily. We offer various models at affordable prices. Each page corresponds to a specific day of the year. It is important to record the information carefully and also describe non-working days or those without sales.

Is it easy to fill out?

Anyone who works in a commercial company and makes sales should know how to correctly fill out the daily financial statements. At the beginning, the company's data must be written (name, address, bulstat, etc.). Data about the commercial outlet and the cash register. In the catalog of the OK Office online store, you will notice that the cash books have a different design.
There may be slight differences in the layout of the pages, but the basic filling logic remains unchanged. If you carefully read what is written in the individual columns, you will have no difficulty in keeping the financial statements correctly. Don't forget to attach the PKO by entering the exact amount.

Is a cash book mandatory?

The latest change in Ordinance H-18 obliges all cash registers and fiscal printers to automatically generate and send daily financial reports to the NRA server. This does not invalidate the use of a book. Keeping this type of documentation and keeping all PKOs is important.
Thanks to this daily information about income and expenses, it will be much easier to monitor the availability in your cash register and facilitate the work of accounting. You have the opportunity to make a quick reference by day, what you received in the cash register as funds or what you paid out. In the section you will find different models of cash registers that will help you in your daily work.

Why order from OK Office?

We always strive to offer a variety of stationery to make your daily work easier. The cash register books we present to you can be:

  • with soft covers - perforated, laced. A5 format with dates for the entire year;
  • with hard covers - convenient to use. This model protects the leaves and cannot be damaged easily;
  • format ⅔ of A4 - contains 182 sheets, and its compact dimensions make it very convenient to store and use the papers.

You will notice that the prices on the site are extremely budget-friendly, and the assortment is large. Order what you need and you will receive it in the shortest possible time.