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To preserve documents and prevent them from being mixed up, lost and scattered, machine binding is often resorted to. What is this equipment and how is it used? In which cases is it imperative and what types does the OK Office online store offer in its section?

Why is binding necessary?

When binding a large number of pages, a stapler is not a solution. Yes, there are professional models that can hold up to 170 sheets, but if you want to easily and quickly turn the pages, read them and put them back, the better solution is the binding machine.
Machine binding is imperative to maintain page consistency of consecutive documents or other materials. After spiral binding, the entire bundle of sheets takes on the appearance of a notebook or book for more efficient use and storage.

What types of machine binding are there?

Plastic and metal spirals are mainly used. The former are more popular due to their affordability. Allows removing and adding sheets, as well as reusing them. The disadvantage is the inability to open the folder 360°, but this is rarely necessary. The latter are the more expensive, but also better quality option. They eliminate the disadvantages of the plastic spiral, but are disposable.

In what cases are binding machines used?

They are necessary in cases where the sequence order of a series of documents must be preserved. Most often, such machines are used in the creation of catalogs, textbooks, calendars, notebooks, notebooks, notebooks, etc.

How is a binding machine used?

There is a sequence of steps that allow you to easily and quickly learn how to work with such equipment:

  1. Preparation - the device is placed on a hard, flat surface. The sequence of individual pages is preordered.
  2. Divide the stack of pages into several parts - some binders support simultaneous punching of up to 25-28 sheets, but some only 10-15. For a larger volume, perforation is made several times.
  3. Perforating the stack of sheets - it is placed in the special niche next to the limiter. Lateral locking with clamps is performed and the perforation lever is pressed.
  4. Insertion of covers - its perforation and insertion is done separately. It can be made of plastic or cardboard.
  5. Inserting the spiral - whether metal or plastic, it is placed on the special pins and opened with a lever to insert the pre-punched pages and covers. The lever is released to close the coil, and you're done.

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