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The tech world highlights some widely used gadgets that are multi-functional and provide a wide range of capabilities. USB cables stand out as such an accessory.
In the OK Office online store catalog, we offer you to view and order models compatible with phones, peripherals and others.

What functions do USB cables perform?

These multifunctional and universal serial buses provide data transfer between different devices - phones, computers, external memories and others. Via USB cables, peripheral devices can be connected to a computer configuration, including wired mice, keyboards, monitors. They are also suitable for printers, scanners.
In addition, they provide high-speed charge transfer, audio and video connectivity, and can also serve as a type of extender.

What species will you meet here?

In our catalog you will find various USB cables, which are characterized according to several features:

  • length - there are models that are 1.5 m long and those whose length reaches 5 m;
  • standard – 2.0;
  • application - for printer;
  • color - we have grey, white and black items.

Take advantage of the low price range in which USB cables are available. In addition to an attractive price, they are characterized by speed of connection and data transfer, as well as a long service life guaranteed by the manufacturers.