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At the beginning of each school year, parents begin frantic preparations for their little ones' upcoming adventures at school. A key point in this preparation is dressing the notebooks and textbooks and labeling them. And this is exactly where labels come to the rescue!

Why are notebook and textbook labels important?

Labeling them is necessary so that children do not confuse or lose them. In this way, they can be easily identified and returned to the rightful owner.

What does the OK Office online store offer?

Every child is unique! Therefore, the labels we offer reflect his personal style and preferences.

  • colorful labels – bright or neon colors add mood and make labeling fun;
  • for printing - with modern technologies, they can be personalized with the name, class and class;
  • children's labels - specially created for the little ones, with images of popular characters and motifs that immediately attract attention.

How to choose the right labels for your student's notebooks?

Do you distinguish between a math notebook and a literature notebook? It's a good idea to use different colors or designs on different items. Small children like bright and fun designs, while older ones like something more discreet. OK Office has variety for all ages.
Labels aren't just stickers – they're how students express their individuality and organize their learning process. Trust us, because we will make the school year even more fun and colorful!