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Statistics show that 40.5% of people between the ages of 25 and 44 smoke. In the other categories, such as those under 25 years of age and after 44 years of age, a large percentage is again observed. This creates a need for ashtrays, especially in outdoor settings, such as gardens and public spaces, as well as in front of corporate buildings.
From the OK Office online store, we offer a variety of outdoor ashtrays to use for outdoor environments.

What kind of ashtrays will you find in our catalog?

With us, you will find a variety of practical and convenient options, which differ in:

  • method of installation – there are wall models with a kit for wall installation, as well as standing models that you can position in a suitable place;
  • material - there are items made of powder-coated steel, as well as all-metal products;
  • additional features – those with wall mounting have a lockable door, and the standing ones have a trash can;
  • color – all proposals in the category are neutral, with some combining black and gray and others being all black;
  • shape – there are angular, round and rectangular items;
  • dimensions - round ashtrays are φ25 in size, rectangular ashtrays can be 25/8/32 cm and others. The corner ones measure 25/25/62 cm.

What are the advantages of OK Office ashtrays?

All models, regardless of shape, purpose and installation, have a waste storage container. They are windproof and waterproof, suitable for offices, homes, shops and more.
They are made by proven manufacturers, such as Wedo. They are available at excellent prices and you can order them online to addresses all over the country.