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The use of smartphones is an indispensable part of almost every person's life. Whether you are at work, at home or in the car, traveling somewhere, smart devices can be necessary for surfing the net, for conversations, for carrying out work tasks.
Have you ever been driving and had to turn on your phone's navigation? Or do you need to make an urgent call but don't want to risk control of the car? With the special holders, known as stands, that we offer in the OK Office online store, you will facilitate every process.

What are the advantages of phone stands?

Phone mounts are great accessories to keep in your car. Enable viewing of media content in the car, very fast and safe access to information. They are an option for tracking navigation while on the road. All these features are key for drivers and passengers, especially when there is a need to make emergency calls and more.

What types of phone stands do we offer from OK Office?

The smartphone stands that you will find on our site differ in their functions and purpose:

  • Holders. They are metal structures with a magnet for fixing. The static metal arm holds the back of the phone, and the stand allows you to rotate the device in different directions, which is a significant advantage for your comfort during use. Compatibility is excellent with different phones because the magnetic stand adjusts according to the size of the device it will hold;
  • Stands with charger. Again, metal and solid construction that is combined with strong plastic. This type of stand also features charging connectors, and its handle allows for 360-degree movement. These racks feature a ventilation grill. There are also stands with backlight, USB-C interface for charging, which are compatible with phone sizes from 5.4 to 6.7 inches.
  • Wireless MP3 players with charger. They provide multiple functions to users – charging, radio, bluetooth connection. Their operating range is large – from 87.5 to 108 MHz, and the formats that are played are MP3, WAV, APE, FLAC, WMA.

In addition to quality and reliable smartphone holders, you will also find excellent conditions for receiving all the items you want to order. We offer the possibility of delivery to a convenient address in a short time, as well as flexible payment terms - with cash on delivery, bank transfer, PayPal, iCard.