Memory USB flash 64GB Platinet X USB 3.0 , 37503

13.08 lv. With Vat
10.90 lv. Without Vat


USB 3.0

Fast, durable and reliable Platinet USB 3.0 flash drive.

The USB 3.0 connection provides up to 10 times faster data transfer than the USB 2.0 standard.
At the same time, Platinet USB 3.0 devices are compatible with the older USB 2.0 standard.
Thanks to the high efficiency, you can save up to several tens of minutes when transferring data.

The case is made of aluminum combined with hard plastic, which ensures the highest durability of the flash drive and the security of your data.
The flash drive is designed to be attached to a pendant, keys or lanyard.
The bottle is packed in the original blister, which ensures that you are buying a new, original product.
Thanks to the operation in the Plug and Play standard, it is automatically detected by computers equipped with USB ports, without the need to install additional drivers.
An additional advantage of the flash drive is low energy consumption and fast data transfer.

Maximum write speed: up to 30MB/s (when connected to USB 3.0)
Maximum read speed: up to 60MB / s (when connected to USB 3.0)
Compatible with older USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 standards
Dimensions: 60.8 x 18 x 9.8 mm

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