Disinfectant dispenser Wedo sensor 350ml , 39746

  • Brand: WEDO
  • Product code: 39746
58.80 lv. With Vat
49.00 lv. Without Vat

SENSOR CLEAN by WEDO disinfectant dispenser with infrared sensor.

SENSOR CLEAN by WEDO is used on the counter, in the toilet, at the cash register ... wherever hands need to be cleaned as uncomplicated and without contact as possible.
Simply hold your hands under the sensor and disinfect without contact - this is how SENSOR CLEAN prevents cross-contamination.
The infrared sensor detects a hand from a distance of up to 5 cm.
Fast automatic dosing of the spray in 0.25 seconds.
Suitable for alcohol (concentration 0-75%) and liquid disinfectants, capacity 350 ml.
The dispenser can be easily recharged and thanks to the battery operation (4x 1.5V AA batteries - not included) it can be placed anywhere.
The waterproof design (IPX4) allows it to be used outdoors.

Operating temperature: 5 - 40 ° C.
Humidity: 0-85%.
Dimensions SENSOR CLEAN: approx. 19 x 10 x 7.4 cm

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