Smooth, serif-free printing with Double A copier paper

22 Jul, 2019
Smooth, serif-free printing with Double A copier paper

As an official Double A distributor, OK Office offers a wide variety of the brand's products.  These range from high quality short fibre paper sheets to innovative stationery products and premium copy papers. Double A's factory began operations in 1995 in Thailand and has an annual capacity of 600,000 tons of pulp and 600,000 tons of paper.

Double A Premium Copy Paper

Double A's copy paper, introduced in 2000, was the first consumer brand of copy paper and has led the way in Thailand for 10 consecutive years. Quality and consistent innovative marketing communication contribute to this.

Paper with character

Double A's brand character elevates the product to much more than just copy paper. Double A represents premium quality, wit, reliability, innovation and professionalism - everything that office workers around the world who use it aspire to be.

Double A quality - The secret is in the trees

Double A's ultimate goal is to be internationally recognized as a leading supplier of high quality copy paper. It's all in the fibre. The high quality and superior performance of Double A paper is the result of its high fiber content - 30 million fibers per gram. The unique fiber characteristics give each sheet of paper the consistently high density needed for stability and smoothness - the secret to perfect, jam-free copying.

Double A copy paper has 7 unique and remarkable qualities:
- Ease of printing
- Contrast printing
- Excellent smoothness
- Bright print appearance
- Improved copier performance
- Double-sided use
- Longer document retention

Its core values:
- Smooth copying without paper jams
- High opacity for double-sided printing
- The only brand in the world that does not use raw materials harvested from natural forests. 
Double A's production process is based on using raw materials that we can cultivate, preserve and produce without interfering with and harming nature and our neighboring communities.