MOSAARO glass mosaic sets - become part of the art!

27 Jun, 2024
MOSAARO glass mosaic sets - become part of the art!

And if you are wondering what gift to choose for the growing teenager or even to make yourself... Everyone can make their own mosaic! With Mosaaro's hobby kits, it's easy and fast.

What does the kit contain?

Each set of Mosaaro creative glass mosaics contains everything you need to create a project and detailed, step-by-step illustrated instructions.
You can also scan the QR code on the back of the instruction flyer and directly follow the steps in the YouTube video. The kit in the box is luxurious, the materials are individually bagged and tied in a cloth bag, and everything is delicately placed wrapped in colored kraft paper, which can also be used as a mat on the table when arranging the mosaic.



The mosaic pieces are made of recycled glass and the bases are made of MDF. All materials are pleasant to the touch, easy to use and safe to work with.



Levels of difficulty

The mosaics are divided into 4 levels of difficulty and have different sizes accordingly.

  • Level 1 are a circle or square coaster, a butterfly and heart tealight candle holder, and an ice cream, bird and cupcake decorative mosaic.
  • Level 2 are for interior decoration. Includes mosaic Mosaaro toucan, unicorn, seashell, heart, cactus and owl.


  • Level 3 are larger sized cat (20x43cm) and lizard (20x45cm) mosaics
  • Level 4 is a square and circle clock, a home mirror and the word LOVE.


Mosaic mix

The assortment also offers only crystals, glass mosaic in different colors for independent craft projects:

  • 1 color (blue, white and blue brocade)
  • 3 colors (white, turquoise and purple brocade);
  • 3 colors (green, yellow and purple brocade);
  • 5 colors (blue, green, yellow, red and orange).


Come up with your own design or find inspiration in the video on Mosaaro's YouTube channel.

Mini glass mosaic kits

Environmental materials are completely safe, and molded glass will not allow you to injure yourself. The kit contains everything you need to start creating a masterpiece right away.
The kit includes: MDF base, glass mosaic kit, grout, gloves, rubber spatula, wooden stick.
You can choose from a small heart, fish, star and flower mosaic.


Everyone will have fun diving into the artistic process and creating a beautiful addition to home decor with DIY glass mosaics.



Choose a Mosaaro creative set for yourself or as a gift and be creative!