How to complete an instruction book?

22 May, 2024
How to complete an instruction book?

Completing the instuction book is a mandatory element of occupational safety management in any organization. This document serves as the primary tool for documenting and confirming worker safety briefings conducted. Correct completion and maintenance of the instruction book is essential to ensure the legal protection of both the employees and the employer.

Basic steps in completing the instruction book

There are a few basic steps to follow when filling out:

  • fill in the title page - here you must enter the full name of the organization, as well as the specification of the type of instructions that will be documented.
  • fill in the personal data of the employees - for each of them, the relevant columns with personal data must be filled in, which include the three names, social security number, position and department.
  • determine the type of instruction - here you need to be clear whether it is initial, periodic, daily or extraordinary.

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When is an extraordinary briefing held?

It is conducted in the case of the introduction of new technologies, changes in work processes or after a workplace incident that requires a review of procedures. This is an important step to ensure that all employees are informed and prepared to work safely under the new conditions.

Practical tips for maintaining the instruction book

To ensure that the documentation is always up-to-date and reflects the real picture in the organization, it is important to follow several key practices:

  • regular update – each briefing must be recorded immediately after it is conducted to avoid omissions and inaccuracies;
  • accessibility – it must be easily accessible for inspection by supervisory authorities or management level if necessary;
  • archiving – after the retention period, books must be archived in accordance with legal requirements for record keeping.


How important is it to fill out the instruction book correctly?

The correct completion, maintenance and periodic review of instructional documentation is essential to the management of workplace safety. This not only helps prevent workplace accidents and incidents, but also keeps the organization compliant with legal requirements. Underestimating this administrative procedure can have serious consequences, including legal penalties and loss of trust among employees.
A proactive approach to completing and maintaining briefing books supports a culture of safety in any company. This increases the awareness and commitment of employees regarding their duties and rights to work safely. Every employer should accept these documents not as a formality, but as an essential element of the human resource management strategy.