How to fill a receipt cash order?

7 May, 2024
How to fill a receipt cash order?

The cash receipt is indeed an important document in the accounting of any company. It certifies the acceptance of cash from individuals or legal entities. The PKO is used to document all incoming cash flows, which is fundamental to the accurate reflection of the company's financial position in the balance sheet. In this blog, we'll look at how to fill it out correctly, why it's important to be careful when filling it out, and what common mistakes you should avoid.

Basic steps for filling out RCO

  • The first step is the selection of a suitable form, which can be purchased from specialized commercial outlets or downloaded from the Internet.
  • Enter the amount to be accepted in numbers and words.
  • Filling in data about the payer, such as the full name or name, as well as other identification information such as BULSTAT Unified Identification Code (UIC) or PIN (Personal Identification Number).
  • Description of the payment and indication of the reason for the payment such as for goods, services, rent, etc.
  • The cash order with receipt must be signed by the payer and the person who accepted the payment. If necessary, a company seal is also placed.


Essence of the correct filling of the RCO

This is not only important for the accurate accounting reflection of financial operations, but also for the legal validity of the documentation. Incorrectly filled in receipt line can lead to financial losses, fines from tax and other regulatory authorities, and even legal problems for the company.
Common mistakes

  • Errors in the amount, both numerical and written, can lead to significant discrepancies in the accounting.
  • Each receipt must be signed by the responsible persons to be valid.
  • Make sure the description accurately reflects the basis for payment to avoid confusion or future disputes.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements for document storage, which will ensure easy access during inspections and protect against loss of information.


Maintaining a high degree of accuracy and legality

Properly filling and managing cash receipt orders is essential to the effective management of any organization. This is a way to minimize the risk of financial losses and strengthen the trust between the business and its partners, customers and regulatory authorities.
The inclusion of a template for the income cash register and the training of the staff are essential steps to ensure the reliability of the accounting operations in the company. For more information on RCO and ECO (expensditure cash line), you can visit specialized financial and accounting sites that offer detailed manuals and downloadable forms.