How to choose a permanent marker?

20 May, 2024
How to choose a permanent marker?

Permanent markers are an indispensable part of office supplies, offering high durability and reliability in any situation. The main purpose of a permanent marker is to provide continuous writing that remains clearly visible and unchanged over time, even when exposed to water and light.

Advantages of using permanent markers

They offer a number of advantages that make them indispensable in many areas. They are specially designed to withstand various external conditions, thus ensuring the reliability and durability of the writing.


  • Resistance to external factors - waterproof and light-resistant inks ensure that the inscriptions remain legible and do not fade over time. This makes them ideal for use outdoors or in wet conditions.
  • Waterproofness - waterproof inks provide confidence that markings will not smudge when in contact with liquids, which is especially valuable in printing and packaging.
  • Variety of applications - permanent markers can be used on a variety of surfaces including metal, plastic, glass and wood, ensuring clarity and accuracy of marking.



How to choose a permanent marker?

Choosing a permanent marker should be based on several key factors:

  • Colors and top width - depending on the needs, they are available in a variety of colors and with different pen widths, which allows adaptation to the specific task or project.


  • Composition of the inks - choose a marker with non-fading and continuous ink, which ensures long-lasting marking, especially for outdoor use.


  • Techniques and tips for use - for maximum effectiveness, follow recommended usage and storage instructions to extend product life.

Permanent markers are a multi-functional tool that offers durability and resistance to markings in a variety of conditions. Their ability to write on a wide range of materials makes them indispensable in many industries and homes. When chosen correctly, these writing tools can greatly facilitate the organization and identification of various objects and materials.