OK Office is a new official distributor of the Citizen brand for Bulgaria!

3 Jul, 2023
OK Office is a new official distributor of the Citizen brand for Bulgaria!

We are pleased to share that we are the new official distributor of the Citizen brand for Bulgaria. Citizen was founded in 1930 in Japan, starting the production of its famous watches. In recent decades, thanks to innovation and the use of precision technology, it has become a leading supplier of calculators.

From early 2023, Citizen began a phased rebrand with the Eleven brand, retaining the models and designs of its most popular calculators.
It is expected that by early 2024, Citizen will finally rebrand as Eleven!

Integrated functions for business calculations

Citizen/Eleven calculators offer a wide range of integrated functions that facilitate business calculations. From basic math operations to complex financial formulas, these calculators provide everything you need to run your business efficiently.


Advanced technology and ergonomic design

Citizen/Eleven have the latest technology in the calculator world. They use precision and reliability to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers around the world.
They offer office calculators that are useful on literally any desk in any company and pocket calculators for when you're on the go. What all models have in common is the modern design and the high quality of the materials used for production.
With its large, high-resolution, backlit LCD display, easy-to-read numbers and function buttons, using these calculators is extremely convenient and enjoyable.



Citizen/Eleven calculators have a robust construction. They are impact resistant, making them reliable for everyday business tasks.



Compact and lightweight, making them ideal for use both in the office and on the go.



The Eco series is a new generation of ecological calculators.
• Solar powered - no traditional batteries required
• Body made of 80% recycled plastic
• The packaging (including the foil) is fully recyclable.
Because ecology matters.