52nd Pentel ICAE International Competition

28 Jun, 2021
52nd Pentel ICAE International Competition

52nd  International Children's Art Exhibition

As a distributor of Pentel for Bulgaria, we are happy to announce that Pentel’s International Children's Art Exhibition (ICAE) will be held this year for the 52nd time. The competition was founded back in 1970 in Osaka, Japan and is sponsored by Pentel. Its main purpose is to explore the vivid imagination of children. The ICAE competition gives children aged 3 to 15 the opportunity to show their creativity through drawings and collages. Pentel believes that art encompasses all areas of development and encourages creativity in children. It helps to develop their intelligence and personality and gives them the opportunity to express themselves. For this reason, there is no specific topic in the competition - so that children can express themselves freely, without limits.

Every year tens of thousands of drawings by children from all over the world take part in the competition. The famous judging panel in Tokyo includes representatives of Biiku Bunka Kyokai (Foundation for Art Education in Japan), art teachers and teachers from the participating countries. The works of art are judged on the basis of originality, clear content and cultural expression. After selecting the winners from all countries, their drawings become part of an international children's art exhibition that tours several cities in Japan.

And because not everyone can win a medal, and Pentel wants to make more children happy, this year Pentel will gift art materials to each contestant. After the deadline for submission of drawings, we will receive information about the participants from Bulgaria from the headquarters of Pentel. Every child who participated will be able to receive their prize on the spot in any OK Office office or by courier delivery at their expense.

For more information on the competition, visit the Pentel website.