Snopake - the leader in storage products

21 Mar, 2018
Snopake - the leader in storage products

The story of Snopake
The company's roots date back 60 years to 1955, when Snopake, one of the world's first correction fluids, was introduced by the Batel Institute of America. In 2005, Snopake acquired the assets of the Swordfish brand-a line of high-quality yet affordable paper shredders and trimmers, pencil sharpeners and erasers, laminators and, more recently, electrical accessories.

Today, Snopake offers a wide variety of correctors, adhesives, archive folders and pockets. From their head office in London and distribution centre in Suffolk, they distribute their products in 70 countries. Products are backed by a quality guarantee and are manufactured to the highest standards so that they remain cost-effective purchases in the long term.

What makes Snopake products stand out from the crowd?
Six decades later, Snopake products are recognized as the market leader for polypropylene cases, storage products and clearly leading the way in office products.
The brand's primary goal is to create and develop high quality, functional, affordable and reliable products for everyday use. Snopake's portfolio ranges from desk essentials such as sticky notes, glue and correction, to binding equipment and storage products.
Each product is meticulously designed, with details such as extra strength, product durability, closure and indexing features thought through at every step of the development process. Each storage product has a warranty between 2 and 10 years! Before going to market, every Snopake product goes through a test to ensure that it is not only fit for use, but more importantly, that it lasts even longer than the promised warranty period. Each product is tested for strength, durability, usability, affordability and sustainability before it is deemed suitable for the market.

The brand's best-selling product is the Snopake Polyfile pocket folder. Launched in 1995 as an elegant and eco-friendly alternative to the standard cardboard folder, a Polyfile is sold every 6 seconds somewhere in the world. It is made of polypropylene- 
a waste product from the oil and gas industry. Today, polypropylene is one of the most widely used plastics in the world, extremely strong, waterproof and recyclable.
Snopake folders

Snopake Polyfile is available in DL, A5, A4, Foolscap and A3 sizes and a variety of colours. It features a tic-tac knob closure to store contents and a convenient indexing system unique to Snopake. Every Polyfile comes with a 5 year warranty!

Other iconic products for the brand are their concealers. Snopake has been correcting mistakes since 1955 - in fact, they were one of the first proofreader brands in the world! They originally found use in correcting writing errors in the printing industry. However, as technology has advanced, one wonders if proofreaders are still necessary, but in fact Snopake proofreading products are still used to correct handwriting errors in the office, at school, or at home. They are available in a liquid version with a brush, as a pen, or with tape.