Back to School 2023 Campaign

14 Aug, 2023
Back to School 2023 Campaign

The summer flies by imperceptibly and an exciting period full of new opportunities, acquaintances and challenges is coming - the new school year. Preparing for it can be fun and full of many new discoveries. Take the time to enjoy this process and make the right choices with the little brat at home, or leave the choices directly to the grown-up teenager who thinks he can handle it on his own. And timely preparation will contribute to a calm and successful start to the new school year.

The Back to School 2023 campaign offers students everything they need to return to school fully prepared and inspired. Choose from over 1000 products!

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What products are included in the Back to School 2023 campaign?

Folders, boxes and pockets, regular and automatic pens, markers and rollerballs, pencils, mechanical pencils and leads, highlighters and all types of markers, dry and liquid glues, all drawing tools such as rulers, triangles, sharpeners and erasers, soft and hard cover notebooks, paints, drawing brushes, pastels, felt-tip pens, color pencils, pads and sketchbooks, plasticine and modelling clay, backpacks, children's scissors, pencil cases and boxes and much more.

This year you have the opportunity to choose again from the well-known brands Pentel, Flexoffice, Colokit, Centrum, but also from the new brands in our portfolio that have proven their quality - Adel and the unique color series of Berlingo.



How to take advantage of the 20% discount in the campaign?

Choose and put everything you need in the cart, and at the last step, enter and apply the promo code SCHOOL23 to take advantage of our special discount.

Until when is the campaign active?

The "Back to School 2023" campaign lasts until September 30, 2023.

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