We celebrated 10 years of OK Office

6 Jan, 2022
We celebrated 10 years of OK Office

And for a celebration to be real, it must be shared. That is why we decided to please and celebrate with you, our customers, and thank you for your trust during these 10 years.

We organized a raffle "10 years with OK Office", through which we gave you a comfortable office chair at random every month. We are glad that we were able to make 10 of you happy within the year and help to create a more comfortable and pleasant working environment . You can see the list of all winners here.
And now, with fresh ideas and enthusiasm, we confidently enter the new 2022 and our eleventh year. We will be more innovative, continue to develop and climb new heights together.

And we wish you, above all, health, courage and inspiration to change everything that will make you happier in the new year!

The winner