We're giving away 20 prizes for Pentel EnerGel's 20th birthday

6 Oct, 2020
We're giving away 20 prizes for Pentel EnerGel's 20th birthday

In 2020 we celebrate 20 years since the creation of the unique EnerGel liquid ink! On this occasion, we will delight 20 of you with prizes. We're giving you the chance to load up for the school year with a promotional set including all 12 colors of BL77 rollerball and one limited-edition rollerball.

All you have to do is:
• Follow the Pentel profile on Instagram at @pentel_bulgaria
• Find the EnerGel birthday filter, take a photo with it and tag @pentel_bulgaria in a story or post.

The game runs until the end of October. Each participant can participate for an unlimited number of days with 1 story per day.

And now a little more about the prize

Unique and one-of-a-kind, EnerGel gel ink surpasses the rest with its quick-drying formula. It dries in less than a second! This makes it extremely suitable for lefties as it will not smudge. It provides very soft writing with almost no pressure on the hand, so it is suitable for students and people who need to write for a long time. Available in 12 vibrant colors and used in several Pentel pen models. Undoubtedly, Pentel's most popular and best-selling roller is the BL77. By winning one of the 20 prizes, you will be loaded with as many as 13 pieces of it, which will serve you for a long time. The BL77 roller is really good - with a beautiful design, an aluminum body and a rubberized grip area for maximum comfort. It is available in 2 tip sizes - 0.5mm and 0.7mm. It is made from 54% recycled materials, making it part of the Pentel Recycology series.

And now you can head over to Pentel's Instagram account and enter for this cool and practical prize!