7 tips for creating the perfect home office

31 Mar, 2020
7 tips for creating the perfect home office

Have there been moments in your hectic everyday life when you dreamed of working away from the noisy office? Have you thought how much more work you would get done in the quiet and comfort of home?
Faced with one of the great challenges of our century, COVID-19, with concern for the health of those around us, more and more of us stay at home and have the opportunity to live our dream. Of course those who have the opportunity to do so.
Working from home can be fun, but how do you stay productive and comfortable in your home office? We offer you some advice.

Find your place at home

Choose it so that you make maximum use of the daylight, but also so that the light does not shine on your monitor screen. If you work with a laptop, try putting it on a special laptop stand to raise its screen to your eye level.Офис в дома

That way you will put less strain on them and it will be more comfortable for you when working with the keyboard.And if you work with many windows at once or process a large amount of data, you are probably used to working on more than one monitor. In such a case, it is useful to have a monitor stand that will help you free up space on your desk and position your display at eye level for more comfortable work.

Choose the most suitable printer 

The perfect home printer should be small and compact, with a beautiful design and of course, budget. It can be used both for printing the documents you need and for printing homework and projects for the little ones who are now studying at home. And when they get tired of a lot of studying, you can use it again and print out coloring pictures for them so you can finish your assignments in peace.

Избери най-подходящия принтер

The accessories

You'll need a keyboard that's easy to type on and doesn't tire your hands, and an ergonomically shaped mouse. For maximum comfort, we recommend that they be wireless - you will deal with fewer cables, and the desk will look tidier and more beautiful.

Keep in touch with colleagues

Working from home can be quite a lonely activity, especially for the more extroverted among us who are used to constant contact and sweet talk with our co-workers.Връзка с колегите

To participate in all conference calls and work meetings or simply to keep in touch with colleagues, you will also need a headset with a microphone. Believe me, they will help you isolate yourself from the children running around the house and focus on your work. 

The comfortable chair

The heart of a productive home office. Choosing the right one, which is not only comfortable, but also fits into the atmosphere of your home, can be a challenge. You'll spend almost half of your day on it, so it's important to invest in a good ergonomic chair. We promise you - it will lead to a significant change in your working life.

Set aside space for brainstorming

The best ideas often come when you're away from your desk. Keeping a space in your home office for brainstorming is a good way to spark your imagination. How you create this space is a personal preference. You can use a white or cork board on the wall next to you to write down your ideas. And if you choose a glass magnetic board, you will contribute not only with functionality, but also with the decoration of the home office. Of course, blackboards can also be quite useful for homeschooling children. You can be sure they will have great ideas for them too.

идеи  Стъклена дъска

Keep your desk clean

It's easy to forget about cleaning, especially when you're used to traditional office spaces being cleaned by someone else. We advise you to plan some time for arranging and regularly cleaning the office equipment, the desk and the room itself. Do not forget to clean all surfaces and use special solutions such as sprays and disinfectants.
You are ready now. You have created a pleasant corner in your home that will stimulate your productivity. And what better way for motivation and spring mood than flowers. Make sure you set aside some space on your desk for them too, and they'll thank you with a good mood and reduce stress.

Настроение на работното място

 Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

After all, working from home and setting up a home office is a very personal thing. What works for one probably won't work for another. But if you've just made the transition and are looking for where to start, these tips certainly won't hurt. And remember - staying at home means that you care about your family, others and yourself. So be responsible, stay home. And if you need something, it's so easy to order online and get it with free shipping.